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Industrial Training in Ambala


Industrial Training
for Electronics Students

CMSR LABS is introducing a unique method for students to judge if they are gaining interest in the training or not. We give you one week free trial classes, in which Basics of Electronics will be covered in order to make you aware of electronics and prepare you for advanced electronics which you will be learning in next 6 weeks if you opt for any of our industrial training courses.

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Don’t Buy | Make One

Banner4CMSR LABS wants to change the system of purchasing ready made Electronics projects from market. Instead of this , we want to help students to become capable enough to make projects on their own. We have a dream of helping students in becoming Engineer in its true sense.
For this We have planned to invite students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year who want to do something in life and are ready to work on some projects with us. Apart from that we will give share of earnings from projects to students. In this way students can earn while learning itself, and we feel after 2 to 3 years all students will be capable enough to make projects on their own.
With this students will get benefit of having knowledge of different projects. After that they can participate in further industrial projects with us if they wish too